Step into your 5D Version

I am Sheetal, a spiritual blogger and I help you to overcome obstacles and dense energies in your Ascension process, so you get aligned, get your Divine Blueprint activated and step into your highest timeline in order to create your New Earth.

The Global Ascension is going on a huge scale. Through our light that we are sharing people are awakening in masses. And we are on the right track. But sometimes doubts, fears, anxiety, sorrows can come up which is part of our human nature.
People start worrying, feel unbalanced, are having a hard time with the ascension symptoms and feel ungrounded. People start asking themselves what is this all good for and where is this path leading.

That’s why it’s vital to align to your Soul truth.

Have you been saying some of those things lately:

🧬 I can feel that I am here for a bigger mission.

🧬 I have been doing my inner work for so long but I am still struggling.

🧬 I am having a hard time creating my own reality although I have tried so many manifesting techniques and continously raised my vibration.

🧬 I feel I haven’t activated my full potential yet.

🧬 I want to embody my 5D version and really innerstand it.

🧬 I have the feeling this ascension is leading nowhere and I am just frequency looping.

Let me tell you that I have been there myself and I hear you and I see. And I also know that there is another way.

A lot of you are wanting to step into your Soul’s truth and don’t know what it exactly is or how to step fully into your 5D version. And I get that. There are some reasons why people have the feeling that this whole thing is going nowhere and can’t create their reality as they would want to.

But let me assure you that you are on the right track and you are able to create your reality on a much higher capacity. You are here to live your Soul and expand and live a more truthful and joyous life and be a leader of light.

You are magnificent child of Source!

And if you are saying right now: “I have done so many things, meditations, healing sessions, transmissions and activations and I am still struggling!” … Let me tell you that I exactly know what you are talking about. I used to struggle myself even though I was doing all the work. I was exhausted, fed up and extremely frustrated. I was wondering what I was doing wrong. But there was nothing wrong. It was just a lack of knowledge.