You are a creative being!

Hi beautiful beings!

I am happy to see you here. I am Sheetal, an artist, light language channel, spiritual guide and I am here to assist you in reconnecting to you inner child, you inner artist, so you can express yourself freely and in YOUR UNIQUE DIVINE way and ignite your creativity and creative power.

Did you know that those things are all interlinked?

Often people just say that they are not creative or can’t draw or paint. From my perspecitve this is just resistance because we are all creative and have an inner artist that wants to be unleashed.

The most common reason is that we have had not so good experiences when we expressed our creativity. Some people f.e. could have told you that you can’t paint or draw or that you singing sounds awful and other unloving things.
We might know that this wasn’t the truth yet we feel resistance to express ourselves.

If we are playing around and exploring new creative things, our Sacral Chakra is mostly unbalanced and this chakra is important for creating your own reality. You see how this is connected.

So, a lot of people just stopped experimenting, exploring and playing. Instead they started adapting and stayed in their lane – in the lane of the Matrix.

When you are connected to your inner child, you balance out your Sacral Chakra, hence you unleash your creativity and creative power and are able to create your own reality, as it was originally designed.

Have you been saying some of those things lately:

🖌 I am trying to manifest certain things but I can’t manifest it.

🖌 Manifestation does not work for me.

🖌 I am trying to connect to my inner child but I don’t know how.

🖌 I am not creative.

🖌 I can’t paint/draw.

🖌 I tried it but then stopped.

Let me tell you that I have been there myself and I hear you and I see.

And I can also tell you that you have very unique codes that you can channel into your painting.