Why most people are not able to create their reality

I am back! This time I am switching to English! I hope you don’t mind.
I took a break for my personal development and internal shift and the past months have been huge for me and I guess for you too.
The Ascension is asking us to put off all masks/personas that we have put on by the social conditioning of the old 3D world.

The systems are collapsing and it’s a good sign even though it seems like the Great Reset will take place but from a higher perspective it’s the opposite.

What does it mean?

We are on the right track and the shadow of the collective is arising which isn’t comfortable at all and I understand that this uncertainty can cause uncomfortable feelings. But be assured that many people are awakening who were asleep until now and didn’t see what is actually going on. The upcoming months will be exciting but also disruptive. This is necessary to wake more people up. This also means that those who have already been awake are being asked to stay balanced and centered and release fears, anxiety, doubts and sorrows. This is part of the purging. Often people try tp bypass those feeling and forgetting that everything is energy and it stays in your body if you don’t transmute it.
These old energies can not be held anymore in the body if we want you live in a higher consciousness which we also know as 5D consciousness. And we are also not able to access the reality we are already creating in the Quantum field. So it’s time to release any conscious and unconscious lower energies.

Are you willing and ready to release the old you?

You are the Creator and you are here to experience your true Creative Power and if you haven’t been able to materialize your dreams than those old feelings most probably are holding you back and limiting you.

Why do I know this?

I have been there myself. I was using so many manifesting tools and everything was going the wrong way. My world got flipped upside down. Until I really worked on my fears and sorrows etc.And then everthing started shifting! So its possible and manifesting is real and you are here to create your own reality instead of being told how reality is.

It’s time to take all your power back!



We are witnessing monumental times. The Ascension process is going on and things have been accelerated massively. We are jumping so many timelines and shifting our paradigms rapidly. We haven’t experienced such times ever before and this can cause a lot of uncertainty. We may feel emotions like fear, anxiety and doubts.I used to be very fearful and anxious myself and I can relate how you feel. I had to overcome deep fears myself and re-align over and over again. And I can assure you that even though it is chaotic in the outside world, you can get back to balance and inner peace so you create your Heaven on Earth.The 3D Matrix is built this way as we know and in order to live your highest timeline, it’s important to overcome these lower vibrations and release them and unplug from the collective mind.

Get yourself back to balance and create your life.

The Masterclass will be on Friday 1st October 2021 from 16:00 – 17:30 (GMT+2)
Language: English
Online via Zoom
In this Masterclass you will:
▫️ learn how to release lower vibrational emotions from your body
▫️ learn how to realign to your higher timeline
▫️ learn how to be more center yourself and drop into your heart
▫️ receive tools to work with if those emotions come up again

The Masterclass will be recorded and will be sent to you one day later.

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