Why Soul Embodiment is a precondition to create New Earth

In order step into our full Creative Power and manifest what we desire we have to embody our Souls fully.

In the 3D Matrix most people are not embodied and programmed with low vibrations like fear, anxiety, doubts, unworthiness, lack mentality, (past life/ancestral) trauma and much more instead, so most people – even the awakened ones – are creating mostly unwanted situations, interactions, things.

The Soul is not fully in the body when we have these programming. Unless we don’t heal and reprogram ourselves, we will create the old Matrix instead of New Earth. So, if people are bypassing their trauma or feelings they keep themselves stuck in the same frequency (looping). The more we heal and release the more of our Soul fragments can come back and integrate and we are able step more and more into our Creative Power and manifest what we want and create New Earth.

Soul Embodiment is significant, yet underestimated.

💎 To know if you are emobodied, ask yourself:
🧬 if you feel safe and secure
🧬 if you are hearing your intuition and following
🧬 if you know that all is well even though you are seeing the outside chaos
🧬 if you are creating what you want

Also ask yourself how you feel in your body.

Your body is the Divine Vessel your Soul has created!

And I don’t go fully along with the assumption that you are not your body as it is too often misunderstood and people tend to neglect their body and even jump out of their body.
It is designed that way that you are in your true Divine power when your Soul is in your body!

You will witness miracles the more you are in your body.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/betmVWGYcLY?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink

Published by Sheetal Jairth


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