Why most of the awakened people are frequency looping instead of creating New Earth

Currently most of the awakened ones are forcing people to wake up. Their focus is more on the collective shadow that is arising than acknowledging it, looking within where it is resonating and releasing it. We are here to be aware of our own shadow which is part of the collective shadow. If something in the collective is triggering you then it is also a part of you that needs to be healed. This is how it is designed. Not releasing it is simply bypassing and won’t help you in your ascension and creating your New Earth. Energy doesn’t transmute by ignoring your triggers and finger pointing on others. This keeps the most Lightworkers, Starseeds etc. stuck in 3D-4D.

 We have to clear the DNA from all these programmings.

We are the ones who chose to incarnate and do this work. This means taking full responsibility for ourselves.

We are here to transmute the collective shadow by healing those parts in ourselves. Of course you can show others what’s happening but balance is crucial here. Because energy flows where attention goes. And there is also a potential of predictive programming. Be aware of your intentions.

Why are trying to control the outside?
Are you aware of your inner power of creating the new?
What do you want to create and what are you creating right now?

If you are triggered, have you looked within?

This will keep you stuck in the old matrix.

You have to remember that you are powerful beings who are able to create whatever they want. When we try to control the outside we are giving our power away and hence we stay in the victim mentality.

Lead by example!
Be the change by creating what you want.
Release those old triggers so you don’t create more of it.

Others will follow by seeing how you did it.

Get yourself back to balance and create your life.

Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

Published by Sheetal Jairth


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