Get out of your own way

When we start awakening we are in the process of realizing what we’ve been in. Then we have to unplug and reprogram ourselves in order to create our own reality. And most of the people get stuck here.

So being awake doesn’t mean that you are really awake. And this might trigger some of you. Awakening has many stages. And the ultimate stage is to have an opened heart center.

What do I mean by that?

When your heart is opened you don’t have the desire to control anything or anyone.

💎 You accept reality for what it is as you know that you have co-created it and you are the one who is able to shift reality by going inwards and “clean up” the old programming.

💎 You don’t have to the desire to convince anyone to wake up and see what you are seeing.

💎 You just live your life and speak your truth from your heart.

💎 You don’t hold on to lower emotions but feel and release them.

💎 You are able to observe yourself and others without having a knee-jerk reaction.

💎 You have compassion for those who are still in the trauma loop and holding on to their reality.

💎 You care for yourself and take good care of yourself and fulfill your own needs.

Waking up isn’t fun, I know. Shedding the layers of the old self can be hurtful. But holding on to your old version might be more hurtful.

Letting go of what we were used to have in our reality is the most challenging thing for the most people, as far as I have observed.

Why? Because when people try to control others’ behavior or trying to enforce things they are attached to what is. Questions like that are indications of attachment: “Why are people not waking up?” “How long will it take people to wake up?” “Why  is my partner still asleep?” “Why are my parents are not healing their trauma or doing their work?” and so on.

So, people are standing in their own way and mostly not doing their own inner work at the level they should. So, when we embrace our own shadows and integrate them, our reality have to change accordingly. This is law.

Ergo, if you are not seeing significant changes in your reality yet, there is something waiting for you to be seen and transmuted.

And I know that because I have been there myself. I was not taking full responsibility for myself and bypassing. I used to be a bypassing master – LOL! But let me tell you that I learned it the hard way. I hit rock bottom over and over again until I finally chose to take full responsibility for myself. I took the decision to change internally and transmute all that was not serving my highest good. Source delivered the right people and mentors for my change. I used to think that I have or want to do it on my own. But with the help of others it is much easier, I realized.

Sometimes we make it harder for ourselves by not letting us help and hence standing in our own way.

💎 How does your current reality look like?

💎 Are you seeing the results in your reality you want to see?

💎 Are you accepting help from others?

Published by Sheetal Jairth


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