Why self love is the key to ascension

When people start waking up they begin taking good care of their physical and mental health but often forget or neglect that it also takes deep emotional healing to really love themselves and to evolve. And healing the emotional wounds can be very uncomfortable. But through feeling it, we can heal it. Of course you have to take full responsibility for yourself. It might take a lot of inner work and shadow integration but I can assure you that it’s worth it. You are worth it.

What is Self love?

Loving yourself means:

You treat yourself like the love of your life.

You nourish yourself with loving thoughts and emotions and let go of what no longer serves you (old stuck emotions, traumas, wounds, …).

You honor every of your emotion not matter if their are comforting or uncomfortable and you are able to express them in a healthy way.

You don’t judge your value by your circumstances.

You resepct yourself and you are able to set healthy boundaries. You nourish your inner child and parent her/him.

You speak your truth in a loving way.

You take nobody’s BS.

You choose to create your own reality.

You choose to take full responsibility for yourself and your own happiness.

You don’t feel the need to judge others’ behavior.

You are able to forgive for the sake of your own inner peace.

You take time for yourself when you feel the need to take a break.

Your inner peace is your priority.

You don’t care what other may think of you and your way of thinking and living.

You don’t feel the need to explain yourself to others.

You feel comfortable with being just by yourself.

You don’t need outside validation or anybody’s approval.

You don’t mind to be rejected by others for being yourself and not pleasing people.

You take good care of your body and health.

You release all that is toxic (people, situations, etc.).

You trust and believe in yourself.

You see your own uniqueness and beauty and hence the beauty in others.

You trust and follow your intuition and your heart.

Returning to love means returning to self love. This is what is meant by coming back home.

Your heart 💖 will be your Guru when you have healed yourself and shed enough layers of the illusion.

Published by Sheetal Jairth


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