Why Starseed Children are the future

Starseed children are different and that’s perfect. Starseed children have different needs in order to develop harmoniously and according to Divine Blueprint. Starseed children are here to with a much higher vibration and are here to co-create a loving, peaceful and joyful world by being themselves.

Especially Starseed children need a lot of aligned support in order to live a happy and joyful life and live their Divine purpose. And in the New Golden Age children will live according to their Divine Blueprint and bring in their Soul gifts naturally. The Children will naturally know and develop their Soul gifts on Earth and will be in Divine Flow. By living their gifts they will become healthy and harmonious adults and will serve with their natural talents and live abundantly as this is the part of the Golden Template of New Earth.

When Starseed children have a sanctuary to be and express themselves, they will become balanced and holistically healthy adolescents and adults. So, in order to co-create New Earth, we will need more New Earth Pioneers to assist and support Starseed Children to develop their natural talents, stay or realign with their Soul truth and co-create New Earth in a playful way, as it should actually be for children and actually all through their lifetime – even as adults.

When children are balanced and aligned, they become incredibly powerful and through their happiness and joyful hearts they create powerful changes in the world without effort as they are in their natural flow and deeply connected to Source. What might seem now supernatural to us, is natural to them.

When they unlock their keys, you will see miracles happening.

This is why I have incarnated to this lifetime to support especially the Starseed children and creating this safe online space, starting in 2022. I have trained for this many lifetimes and supported children in many incarnations, so they can live their divine truest self.
I am assisting Starseed Children to overcome fear, sadness, anxiety, sorrows and doubts, so they can align to their Soul and live a happy and joyous life and live their truth.

There will be a monthly membership starting January 2022.

You can sign up you child[ren] unbindingly on the waiting list and as soon as the enrollment starts, you will receive [ https://bit.ly/3EqqK4Q ] .

This will be an online area of freedom for the Children with weekly Zoom calls.

In this online community Starseed children get a safe space to grow and develop with ease and harmony:

~ Meditations
~ Channeled Messages
~ Accessing playfully the Quantum field
~ Balancing and replenishment
~ Q&A sessions
~ Developing a healthy self image
~ Connecting with other starseed children
~ Developing and nourishing creativity
~ Online gathering 4 x month

There will be 2 groups:

  • 1 English group
  • 1 German group

My Website will be updated asap.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
I am happy to answer any questions.

Infinite Love

Published by Sheetal Jairth


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