Why your Creativity is the KEY to create your New Earth

For a long, long time I thought that our Root Chakra is the one that is most out of balance but I have been a better one recently.  It is the Sacal Chakra!

The Sacral Chakra is where your inner child resides, where your sexuality and creativity sit. And due to a lot of 3D Trauma most people have an imbalance in this chakra. 

When your Sacral Chakra is out of balance you have issues with your sexuality (a lot of shame and guilt is stored through the distorted messages from the 3D Matrix), you have issues with being creative (and you don’t have to be an artist) and being playful like a child. 

When the inner child is wounded we can have different patterns depending on our upbringing. There are different kinds of trauma responses like people pleasing, fawning, fight response or freeze response. I won’t go here in too much details but if you are interested in this topic, there a lot of reliable resources available. 

People react differently like using their appearance in order to get what they want or are emotionally needy and manipulate.  There is no judgement here from my side. It is how the 3D is made up. This is all anchored in the Sacral Chakra.

We will have a difficult time creating our own reality because the Sacral Chakra is where we create from and then we bring it up to our upper chakras, into the Navel chakra, into the Solar Plexus Chakra, into the Heart Chakra, into the Throat Chakra, into the Third Eye chakra to manifest it.

When we were children we just played, painted and created and just were present and enjoyed life.

Through different experiences we had in our childhood, we stopped being as playful and joyful as we used to be.

We all went through some unloving experiences which led to disconnection with ourselves.
We started thinking and believing that others were right and we were wrong. We started believing that others know it better and we should listen and follow.

We lost the trust in ourselves and our uniqueness and gifts and talents. Most of them we even forgot because we were busy trying to fit in to the old world.

The New Earth is about being our true authentic self and create our own reality through our gifts and talents. And CREATIVITY is the key.

How to heal our Sacral Chakra?

In order to heal our Sacral Chakra,

  • we have to be aware of our patterns and release them. 
  • We have to heal our inner children and reconnect to them, so they  feel safe again.
  • We have to turn our negative selftalk which we have learnt from our childhood experience into positive selftalk. And this can of course take some time.
  • We have to build a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence, so we can believe in ourselves again.
  • We have to get playful and let our inner child have fun again. Often we are subconsciously afraid of being happy because we have received the message that something bad might happen if we are too happy. This might be through disapppointment we have experienced by our parents. And if we don’t address it, we carry it throughout our adult lives. 
  • Getting creative: painting, drawing, writing, dancing. This so important. Also here we have received messages that we are not good enough or it’s a waste of time or we shouldn’t even do it.

PS.: ✨ I have created a new program to help you Unlock your creativity and inner Genius and Magician, so you can bring your gifts and talents online to co-create New Earth 🌍 which is called Soul Creativity Activation which you should definetely check out if you want to step into your Creative Magic [and it is not about perfection but only your true and most authentic self-expression].

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