Why your inner child is the key to your Soul purpose.

Many of us who have been on the path of awakening have done a lot of meditation, past life regression, soul journeys, sound healing and so on.

But a lot of people are missing an important key.

Often people ask what their Soul purpose is.

One fact for sure is that you have many Soul purposes according to where you are on your journey. As we move further, we are remembering our power but still something is missing. There is a feeling of emptiness. We have awakened but there is a heaviness around and we don’t know why.

It’s the inner child that we are missing.

It’s the inner child we’ve abandoned some time ago.

It’s the inner child that is our pure authentic self.

We’ve put on masks or personas because the emotional pain we’ve felt once was too much for us so we closed down our hearts as a protection mechanism to survive.

The pain was deep. So deep but you couldn’t cry. The pain was so deep but no one was there to hold you and make you feel safe as a child. So, you left yourself as you thought it was not good to feel so much and you saw other do it the same way and thought that this was the best way to survive in this world.

Your happiness started fading away and the sadness became your companion.

When you started waking up, this sadness and grief were still your companions. And you were facing ups and downs, feeling happy and then sad again. But there is no consistency in feeling content and peaceful.

The reconnection to your inner child is the key. Because your inner child holds the key to everything you truly are.

So, it’s time to feel the pain you haven’t allowed yourself to feel and to release it once for all.

Your inner child, is the magic you’ve known a long time ago. Your inner child is that which creates magic in this world and dreams everything into this reality. Your inner child is pure creativity and joy.

Your inner child is the key.

Published by Sheetal Jairth


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