About me

Hi, I am Sheetal, an artist, spiritual guide and light language channel.

My journey started over 40 years ago and with a lot of experiences and lessons and trauma. I felt very disconnected and didn’t know who I was.

I used to be very creative as a child.
I sang, I danced, I created my own songs and choreograhies. I painted and drew a lot, even in the dictionary of my parent.
Like many, my creativity wasn’t supported by my family. Even more singing and dancing was a taboo.

I have gone through heavy narcisstic abuse in my childhood up until my young adulthood and a lot of trauma.

So, you can tell that I shut down my creativity completely. In school, my teacher was amazed by my drawing skills and I couldn’t take her compliments because I was telling myself it is nothing special. Another teacher even suggested to go to an art or graphic design school because I was told at home that art isn’t worth anything and it won’t bring you money. So, you see how the programming was passed down and as we do as children, I took everything my parents said as the one truth.

Hence, I went to University and studied International economics and did a “normal” job. I wasn’t happy. I was actually depressed and at the age of 23, almost 24, I was suicidal.
I had 2 burn outs and after the second one I chose to change myself and my life. This was in 2016.

When my awakening journey started, I began to shed the layers of the persona I thought I was, released trauma, fears, sorrows, anxiety, doubts and self doubts.

I learned to love myself again for just being, reconnect to my inner child, align with my Highest Self and live from my heart in order to create the reality I desired. I chose to change, I chose to realign, I chose to re-establish my connection to Source.

At a later stage I started painting again. And re-discovered what truly lights up my heart. Your inner child is a Genius and if she or he is heard and acknowledged, she/he begins to live truly again – with total authenticity. For me it’s art. Art is fulfiment, exciting, fun and love.

I create paintings, drawings, also jewellery and other things like decoration.

In terms of you creativity there is no limitation because you are limitless. An infinite being.

And futhermore, I love channeling.

So let’s create.

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