Live your happiest version

Are you living your self-determined, best, most authentic version of yourself or are you still trying to fit in, so the people you are surrounded with are happy with you?
Be honest. Live your happiest version. No one else will or can do this for you. Look inside why you are playing a role that doesn’t suit you. Which wound didn’t heal? Heal it. You are able to do it.

Meditate, go out in nature, enjoy art. Whatever makes you happy – go for it. You don’t need anybody’s approval. You are the only one who has to approve you. It might seem to be a lonely path sometimes but when you heal it, you are going to see enormous changes in the outer world. You life will start to change itself and will be easy at times. You will wonder, why you didn’t know that much earlier. Get to know yourself! So you won’t have the urge to explain yourself anymore. It’s your life and it should be your happiest version. But you are in charge of doing the inside job.
If something is bothering you then write it down in order to release. Don’t be sad for too long. Otherwise it might make you ill. Because things we don’t release will show up sooner or later through similar situations but also through physical symptoms. Do yourself a huge favour and get rid off the negative feelings.
It may feel overwhelming at first but afterwards you will get the reward of feeling relieved and trust me you don’t want to miss that chance. Because it’s such a good and light feeling. Life can and should be easy and joyful.

So go and get your things done 😉