E-Workbook: Overcome fears, anxiety, sorrows and doubts

We are witnessing monumental times. The Ascension process is going on and things have been accelerated massively. We are jumping so many timelines and shifting our paradigms rapidly. We haven’t experienced such times ever before and this can cause a lot of uncertainty. We may feel emotions like fear, anxiety and doubts.

I used to be very fearful and anxious myself and I can relate how you feel. I had to overcome deep fears myself and re-align over and over again. And I can assure you that even though it is chaotic in the outside world, you can get back to balance and inner peace so you create your Heaven on Earth.

The 3D Matrix is built this way as we know and in order to live your highest timeline, it’s important to overcome these lower vibrations and release them and unplug from the collective mind.

Get yourself back to balance and create your life.

That’s why I have written this E-Workbook for you, so you have some useful and practical tools and be empowered.


In this workbook you will:

  • learn how to release lower vibrational emotions from your body
  • learn how to realign to your higher timeline
  • learn how to be more center yourself and drop into your heart
  • receive tools to work with if those emotions come up again.

Author: Sheetal Jairth
Language: English
Print length: 19 pages


  • Introduction
  • Why do we need to release fears, anxiety, sorrows and doubts?
  • Grounding methods
  • How to protect your energy field
  • Being aware of your fear and locating it inyour body and releasing it
  • Unplug from the Matrix
  • Meditation before sleep
  • Foreign Energies
  • Journaling work
  • EFT Tapping in spontaneous situations
  • Further tips that may help you
  • Afterword

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