Future Self Channeling

Your Future Self is already living the life, you are dreaming of.

Your Future Self is also ready to tell you, what else is possible for you.

Your Future Self is also ready to tell you, what she/he did to get there.

Curious what your Future Self has to tell you?

Booking now open:

Future Self Channeling

Connecting to the Quantum Field shows you the infinite possibilities.

✨ The Future Self Channeling helps you to open up to more than you thought, was possible.

In these channelings I connect directly to the respective Future Self and bring through her/his wisdom and knowledge.

💎 This is for you:

🌟 When you need guidance to take the next steps towards your dream life.

🌟 When you are ready to expand.

🌟 When you are ready to open up the infinite possibilities.

🌟 You will also get the tool to connect to your Future Self, so you can do it all by yourself.

✨ The booking is donation-based for a short period of time.
The minimum donation is €30.
After donating, you can book the 30 minute session with me.

✨ The session is held online via Zoom.

✨ If you want to book, then DM me or write me an e-mail.

Donation via Paypal:

Minimum Donation for the Channeling is € 30.

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