One-One-Program 5D Attunement and realign with your Highest Self

One-on-One Program
for 5 Weeks

I work with you intuitively and on a Quantum level.

My metiér is clearing timelines, past lives, ancestral trauma and karma, this life’s trauma, energetic interferences and 3D programming. Due to the access we have to the Quantum field we are able to align much faster by releasing the old patterns and programs.


5 weekly – 1:1 Sessions
á 60 minutes

We will take a look together as a first step to find out what has held you back so far from living your truth and your creative power and work on the upcoming themes the next upcoming 4 weeks.

⚪️ We will take a look on what is showing up for you and needs to be released. (Clearing this life’s trauma, past lives, ancestral karma and trauma, etc.)
⚪️ You will get “homework” to do in order to get in alignment.
⚪️ You will reprogram you subconscious mind on a quantum level which is much faster.
⚪️ You will get tools to create effectively and on a daily basis.
⚪️ You will learn to get into your Creative power.
⚪️ You will get more clarity of who you are and for your path ahead.
⚪️ Activation transmissions.

This package is for one person only and not negotiable to others. The package has to be utilized within 5 weeks from the first session on.

Online live (Zoom)

The sessions are held in English or German.

Book the program

Book via Digistore24

The program can be purchased via You can either make a one-time payment or pay in 2 instalments.

After buying via Digistore24, you can either write me an e-mail or I will contact you via e-mail for setting up an appointment (please also consider the time zone difference GMT+2 for receiving replies).

You can also book the first appointment via Calendly. You will be forwarded to my website after the purchase.

Price: € 925.83 + VAT

Return policy: please note that no refund is possible after 60 days

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