About me

Hi, I am Sheetal, an Arcturian Starseed, a Quantum Activator, Channel and Co-Creator of the New Earth.

I am a Lemurian descedent and I have lived in Atlantis and hence I have incarnated this lifetime to co-create New Earth and activate and lead people to be the New Earth leaders they came here to be.

My metiér is clearing timelines, past lives, ancestral trauma and karma, this life’s trauma, energetic interferences and 3D programming. Due to the access we have to the Quantum field we are able to align much faster by releasing the old patterns and programs.

How I got there to activate awakened people?

So, actually I have studied International Economics, worked for small companies as well as big corporate groups, mainly working as a Business Analyst/Consultant and Team Leader and later in Sales and Marketing. I was living an unsatisfying 3D life with having well-paid jobs and a nice home and so on. But I wasn’t happy, I was depressed since childhood due to trauma. From a very early age I could feel that I was different. I really felt empty and my life didn’t make much sense to me.

I had my first burnout while completing my studies in 2010. I was still asleep back then. 2014 I slowly started waking up and questioning reality. As a child I felt that something was off with this world and this couldn’t be the truth. I wondered why people were so unhappy and mean and not in their heart. I was as a child highly intuitive and psychic. I stopped asking those questions in my childhood and suppressed my gifts. I started remembering them slowly in 2016. But I was still in this Matrix and in survival mode, so I kept going the old ways out of fear and anxiety.

After a lot of further trauma in 2016 I started waking up much faster. I had my second burnout and really started questioning where this whole life should lead to. I had no job, lost all friends, had no one to talk to. And then I asked God/Universe to help me, even though I wasn’t religious or spiritual but my Soul got very loud in this moment. I had this deep inner knowing that there must be another way and that life is not meant to be of suffering and struggles and that there must be more. And I received help. I started meditating, changed my diet, moved my body and gained knowledge about consciousness, higher realms, other worlds mainly through books. And I began remembering. I started to learn more about holistic approaches and applied them accordingly, my life started changing (but there was still a long road to go 😉 ).

So when I started awakening I shed my old me over and over again, release trauma, self limiting beliefs, fear, sorrows, anxiety, doubts and self doubts. I learned to love myself again for just being, to align with my Highest Self and live from my heart in order to create the reality I desired. I chose to change, I chose to realign, I chose to re-establish my connection to Divine Source.

I have participated in different spiritual expansion courses, spiritual mentoring programs and trainings.

Today I am downloading my own tools directly from Source and assisting the New Earth leaders to step in to their Soul truth and true power.

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